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When I leave from Lori-Ann's piano lessons, I leave running and jumping. I start the rest of my week with energy, inspiration, and confidence. This all reflects what Lori-Ann accomplishes as a teacher. Her strongest point, as a music teacher, is how she makes creativity flow, how we compose together working from the technical lessons a beginner needs to have. I have great experiences with music lessons and teachers, and in my experience music has never been taught from lesson one, only notes. Lori-Ann is a true music teacher and is one of two I have ever found. The other one lives in Switzerland, which shows the rarity of such teachers.

Nathan Chase
Performing Violinist and Fiddle Player, Pianist, and Composer

Hi Lori-Ann,
Just wanted to thank you again for the reading, it was really amazing. You seem to have a great knack for honing in on deep core issues and shedding light on cloudy patches of the psyche. I was very surprised at how "on the nose" you were, without knowing much of my history, and the energetic "detective work" and clearing of energy helped me tremendously. I have since recommended you to a number of my friends.

Rob Bruner
Writer, Director, Actor, Singer/Songwriter

Lori-Ann is an amazing piano teacher and Artist's Way facilitator! Her approach is creative, intuitive, and supportive. My previous teachers have been conservative and used criticism to "correct" my "mistakes". With Lori-Ann there is no criticism; only guidance through my unfolding as a musician and my developing a relationship with the piano and with my creativity. Lori-Ann is inspirational: She shines brightly... I resonate and am encouraged to shine, too!!


"Lori-Ann is a treasure! Her expertise and guidance have led this wandering soul back to the magic of music. Her encouragement of my musical unfolding, coupled with gentle yet persistent support for my inner artist, has enabled me to embrace my long-lost creative spirit. Though it may sound trite, the colors around me seem brighter, experiences richer, and every note leaves me almost breathless with joy. After 25 years away from playing an instrument, how can I thank you enough for the discoveries I am making about myself through music, and how those discoveries are benefiting my entire life."

Debrah Rafel, Life Coach, Corporate Wellness Facilitator

Lori-Ann has the unique ability to find and nurture the heart and soul of an artist. Her spiritual and creative work is inspiring and fulfilling, and has a unique impact on the creative process.

Don Osborn
Artist Development Consultant

Dear Lori-Ann,
This comes your way today to express my heartfelt gratitude for sharing your very special "gift" with me. I have gained so much in these past few months when you have touched a very deep part of my being and opened the door to my gaining insight and understanding.
The calm and beautiful Sanctuary you have created in your home never failed to instantly transform me to a state of serenity and pure energy and I was, with your help, able to take the next step in my quest. One cannot help feeling the radiance and peace you personify. I pray many many more people will be fortunate enough to avail of the beauty of your spirit.

Yesmin Petigara

Lori-Ann, I cannot express how thankful and happy I am that our life paths have crossed. Thank you for sharing your home with the group and leading me onto my path.

Jasmine Lucky
Public Relations Consultant

Thank you Lori-Ann,
Thank you for sharing your gifts, thank you for sharing your inspiration and thank you for opening us up to the Light.

Sandra Roiseaux
Professional Visual Artist

Lori-Ann Speed is an amazing person, mature beyond her years in so many ways. Her knowledge and understanding of what motivates our beliefs and behaviors are extensive indeed. Several years after retiring, I found myself most disenchanted with my lot in life. Thanks to her timely involvement, I became aware that I was literally out to pasture devoid of intellectual stimulation and purpose. Not only did Lori-Ann make an accurate assessment of my status in life, she was able to provide counsel and specific suggestions on how I could regain a sense of purpose and a passion for living. A passionate, energetic and sensitive individual, Lori-Ann has the potential and capacity to have a positive impact on the lives on anyone who cares to open themselves to her influence. I would not hesitate to place my future in her capable hands.

Terry Clark
Retired School Principle and Career Education Coordinator

Lori-Ann is a dynamic teacher who has helped make my fingers sing at the piano. She has brought my musicality out of me and into my piano pieces.

Sally McDermott
Professional Gardner

Lori-Ann connects with you through music and starts a transformational process that takes you closer to your essential self.

Gillian Ashley-Martz

Lori-Ann uses all the wisdom gained in her life journey and the knowledge of her musical career to stimulate your spirit; inviting you and allowing (by her non judgmental approach) to explore freely the sounds of the piano, the pulsing life of its keys and therefore she opens the gates to discover the language of the piano, of music to make yours and to enrich your own life. Lori-Ann has the gift of giving you a new language and to unleash the wings of your creativity. I am immensely grateful for this soulful opportunity.

Martha Aragones
Person & Realtor

Working though Julia Cameron's "The Artist? Way" in one of Lori-Ann Speed's focus groups is an experience that artists in all senses of the word can derive huge benefits from. Speaking from personal experience, at various times each of us arrived for our weekly session quite lacking in artistic energy or indeed any energy at all, and yet within moments of the starting smudge we would inevitably feel the layers of tiredness fall away and our enthusiasm and creativity bubbling back to the surface. Whether you are looking for a way to rediscover your artistic self or perhaps to find your artistic side for the first time, I would encourage you to consider taking part in these highly stimulating and meaningful workshops.

Bill Vermuelen
Associate Partner Equinox Financial Group
Writer, Singer

Not only is Lori-Ann Speed a superbly gifted piano artist, she is also a dedicated teacher bringing light, warmth, and joy to every lesson. The Artist? Way further compliments her method of teaching and brings a new sense of wonder and commitment to her aspiring students.

Constance Lucky
Novice Piano Student

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